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Normally steering clear of Ralph Lauren Polo, but this one's our denim rebel. And hold on, there's a Frame jacket in this denim chronicle too. Curious why? Keep scrolling; it's a denim tale worth the read.

Frame Jacket (Left)

In the world of denim, our choice of the Frame Denim jacket is a nod to precision and comfort. Priced just right, it strikes the sweet spot with a fabric blend that includes a touch of elastane – and trust us, it's done exceptionally well. This addition ensures a comfortable fit and redefines what we thought we knew about stretch denim. Frame, renowned for producing some of the softest denim in the game, has truly mastered the art.

Regarding distressed denim, Frame walks the fine line with expertise. Their craftsmanship extends beyond mere frays and fades; it's an artful balance where every distressed detail feels purposeful and perfectly placed. In the realm of denim, Frame doesn't just create jackets; they curate experiences in comfort and style, proving that when it comes to the language of distressed denim, they speak it fluently.

Ralph Lauren Polo (Right)

Our Ralph Lauren Polo jacket selection is a deliberate choice driven by a fusion of style and nostalgia. The standout feature: is patch pockets. These lend an air of versatility, straddling the line between a classic chore jacket and the rugged charm of a farmer's jacket – a style canvas that Ralph Lauren expertly navigates.

​Adding to the allure, a generous dose of classic Americana is playfully embodied in a sizable American flag on the back. It's a visual symphony that echoes the brand's timeless commitment to celebrating the spirit of the USA.

​The denim, distinct from our other picks, offers a sturdier feel. It's not just another casual jacket; it's a different avenue for denim aficionados seeking a balance of ruggedness and refinement. Ralph Lauren Polo crafts a unique chord that resonates with those appreciating the heritage of classic Americana with a modern twist.

Gran Sasso Air Wool Cable Knit Sweater

So, why did we choose the Yellow Cable Knit from Gran Sasso, you ask? Well, in our quest for groundbreaking colour pairings, we settled on the classic yellow on blue. Yes, we know, we're the kings of easy complementary colours—watch out, Picasso. But hey, who can resist the timeless charm of blue denim and a sunny yellow knit? Not us.

​Let's cut to the chase. Gran Sasso isn't fussing over colour wheels; they're simply nailing it in the knitwear department. This sweater is more than just a punchline; it's a masterpiece in the making. And yes, we know that proving a sweater is as fluffy as a cloud is as tricky as convincing someone you're a secret agent. But guess what? We don't care.

​Gran Sasso swears by their Air Wool, especially in their turtlenecks. Microscopic air bubbles trapped in the fibres? Sure, we can't see them, but who needs evidence when you're wrapped in what feels like a cloud? This is no ordinary knit; it's a cozy paradox—warm and light like a magical cloud hugging you through winter evenings. We're on board, even if we're unsure how you measure the bubbles.

​And, oh, that loose-knit wool – it's lighter than our self-esteem on a good day. The cable knit adds a touch of retro flair that seamlessly matches the jackets we raved about earlier.

So, here's to questionable colour choices, unprovable cloud-like fluffiness, and embracing the knitwear brilliance of Gran Sasso. Cheers!

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