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Reigning Champ: Mastering the Art of High-Quality Athletic Apparel

Why Reigning Champ Stands Out in the World of Athletic Wear

Let’s cut the waffle and get straight to the point, shall we? You want to look good, feel good, and buy clothes that don’t fall apart after a few washes. Enter Reigning Champ, a name synonymous with top-tier athletic wear that’s been making waves since 2007. Rooted in the heart of Vancouver, Canada, this brand is all about meticulous craftsmanship, timeless designs, and innovative fabrics. Here’s why you should be paying attention.

Quality Craftsmanship and Cotton Preference

Their connection to CYC Design Corporation means they’ve got the experience and expertise to back up their premium products. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love the comfort of high-quality cotton over synthetic fabrics? That’s why we chose to focus on the cotton offerings, which sold us on this brand. 

Variety in Weights and Fits

What sets Reigning Champ apart is their no-nonsense approach to giving you options that suit your needs. Whether you’re layering up or going for a standalone piece, they’ve got you sorted with different fabric weights and fits. This variety means there’s something for everyone, no matter your style or activity level. What makes RC stand out for us is that it’s one of the best-fitting hoodies for a slim figure. Plus, we love having the choice of different weights to build our wardrobe just right. Most brands don’t put this much effort into the basics, but Reigning Champ isn’t most brands.

Featured Products

In this video, we’re showing off some standout pieces from Reigning Champ that nail their dedication to quality and craftsmanship:

Lightweight Terry Classic Hoodie

Handcrafted in Canada, this hoodie is the perfect piece for layering. Made from Lightweight Terry, it’s spot on for milder climates. The rib-lined hood, semi-raglan sleeves, and durable rib cuffs and hem give you comfort and style.

Midweight Terry Pullover Hoodie

Their signature trim-fit hoodie strikes the perfect balance between comfort and structure. Also handcrafted in Canada, it features flatlock seams, semi-raglan sleeves, and a dual-layer hood for extra durability. The rib-bound front pocket and premium rib side panels make this an essential bit of kit.

Midweight Terry Classic Crewneck

This classic-fit crewneck has relaxed shoulders and full-cut sleeves for ultimate comfort. Made from premium Midweight Terry, it’s got just the right mix of structure and softness. Handcrafted with a premium rib collar, cuffs, and hem, it’s a timeless piece for any wardrobe.

Ready to elevate your athletic wear? Take a look at our video showcasing these premium Reigning Champ pieces and see for yourself why they stand out.

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