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Crafting a Flannel Statement: Our Preferred Brands for Refined and Relaxed Style

Why is Eton the perfect choice for a refined and professional flannel option?

For casual shirts like Flannel, many brands have relied on subpar fabrics, treating them as disposable items rather than products crafted by specialists. Eton recognized the gap in the market and seized the chance to make a difference. Leveraging their extensive knowledge, internal machinery, and unwavering commitment to quality, they embarked on the journey of creating slim fits and contemporary cuts that surpass expectations.

ETON's expertly brushed, soft cotton flannel shirts epitomize comfort and style. Adding Extra Long Staple cotton elevates the fabric's durability, making it a reliable choice for everyday wear. Also, the blend of cotton and silky-smooth lyocell provides a softness that's gentle on the skin, while the addition of Tencel™ ensures breathability.

The brand provides versatile choices for different preferences and styles. Whether you prefer a sleeker silhouette or a more relaxed fit, ETON has you covered. For that reason, these flannel shirts are our top choice for layering or pairing with an unlined jacket, allowing you to transition from casual to business attire effortlessly.

With ETON's commitment to premium fabrics, impeccable fit, and unmatched craftsmanship, you can trust their flannel shirts to elevate your style and comfort. Embrace the practicality and sophistication that ETON flannels bring to your wardrobe, and confidently make them your go-to choice for refined yet comfortable attire.


What makes Portuguese Flannel a reliable choice for individuals seeking warmth and style?

Portuguese Flannel stands as a reliable choice for those seeking both warmth and casual style, thanks to its unwavering commitment to craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail. With a heritage spanning four generations, this family-run business has perfected the art of shirting.

Situated in Guimarães, Portugal, renowned for its esteemed mills and textile industry, Portuguese Flannel collaborates closely with skilled artisans and craftsmen with abundant expertise in traditional fabric production. By blending this rich heritage with a contemporary aesthetic, Portuguese Flannel creates shirts with timeless charm and exceptional quality.

If you still need to check it out, watch our video below and see how effortlessly comfortable this shirt looks. Portuguese Flannel is the ultimate choice for comfortable flannels for those chilly days. This brand excels in crafting exceptional casual shirts that tick all the boxes. And if you thought they couldn't do overshirts as well as they do flannels, you'd be pleasantly surprised. We highly recommend exploring their Cord Overshirts and Linen Sportshirts - both outstanding options. If you're searching for that one go-to shirt brand to pair with jeans and sneakers all year round, look no further than Portuguese Flannel. No matter the season, they've got you covered in style and comfort.

 ETON and Portuguese Flannel shirts

Where to buy?

To ensure a seamless and personalized shopping experience, we highly recommend purchasing ETON and Portuguese Flannel shirts from reputable menswear stores that offer a wide selection and expert knowledge of the products. Whether you prefer to gather helpful information online or have the opportunity to be measured in-store, a proper shop will ensure you find the perfect fit and leave with an impeccably tailored shirt.

For a superb shopping experience, we suggest visiting Blazer for men. With their exceptional service and extensive range of options, you'll find exactly what you're looking for. They specialize in carrying both ETON and Portuguese Flannel shirts, making it a convenient one-stop shop for your sartorial needs.

For this video, we wanted to track down a casual flannel and an option for a tailored look; had everything we needed. You won't be disappointed, trust us.

Watch the video here.


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