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Your winter wardrobe sorted with John Smedley

winter rolling wardobe

With another cold winter rolling through, it’s time to get your wardrobe stocked with quality knitwear pieces. Your money will never be better spent than on fine knits, and they provide solid foundations for anyone looking to improve their style. No brand does this better than English knit manufacturer John Smedley. Respected as one of the world’s finest knitwear distributors, one piece stands out and is a must-purchase this winter: the Cotswold Wool Polo Shirt. In our latest blog post, we take a look into the polo of the season and why it’s worth spending your hard-earned cash on.

Who are John Smedley?

Established in 1784, John Smedley maintains the oldest manufacturing factory in the world, as well as a reputation for the world's finest knitwear. This brand’s philosophy lies in creating high-quality knitted garments that last a lifetime. With each piece possessing a timeless and classic feel, no man’s wardrobe is complete without adding a few John Smedley knits.

John Smedley

Popular with the British Royal family, John Smedley knitwear uses only the finest Merino Wool and Sea Island Cotton when creating garments in their England-based factory. While the brand offers a variety of knitwear options, no piece is more enduring than the Cotswold Wool Polo Shirt, a standout item of the Heritage Collection.

What makes the Cotswold Wool Polo Shirt a must-have for your wardrobe?

The Cotswold Wool Polo Shirt, in our colour of choice, Dark Copper, is a long-sleeve knit polo featuring a turn-back cuff. Created using a combination of only the finest 30 gauge extra fine merino wool and 100% New Zealand merino extra fine wool, there’s no denying the premium quality of this polo. Styled with a classic three-button placket and polo collar, this knit is a firm favourite within the John Smedley Heritage Collection and men’s wardrobes around the globe.

Tips for styling the Cotswold Wool Polo Shirt

The main reason we love this shirt is its incredible versatility. Whether you want to make an outfit more casual or dress it up for an evening event, the John Smedley Cotswold Wool Polo Shirt should be your go-to. When wearing a casual sports jacket or suit, make sure to ditch the sloppy shirts and start layering fine knitwear instead. This polo, for example, is thin enough to sit comfortably under any evening jacket.

Cotswold Wool Polo Shirt

This polo also pairs perfectly with jeans and Chelsea boots for casual days. You could also wear it with a quality denim jacket or chinos and throw on a pair of suede sneakers.

In terms of the actual fit of the Cotswold Wool Polo Shirt, it fits true to size, so make sure you aren’t wearing it too tight. Put simply; this piece will never go out of fashion, so make sure to invest in a few of these essential knits for your wardrobe.

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